Monday, August 12, 2013

Kitchen Continued

The last time I blogged about the kitchen I told you about how we took the upper cabinets down and were in the process of turning them into a sort of sideboard for our dining area. Today I'll continue the saga that may very well be the longest drawn out kitchen update ever!!! So, without further ado, here I go...

Once we had the cabinets down and in place just underneath our built-in shelf, we needed to add a top. Since the top of the cabinets had been adhered to the bulkhead over the counter, the top was raw wood, but in pretty good condition. We paid a visit to our local building supply shop and found some inexpensive birch shelving that we thought would work very well for the job. We had it cut to size there and brought it home.

I gave the whole thing a light sand (a little more on the edges) and then applied a stain. I still have yet to do a top coat, but I'll get to that one day! :)

Once I had completed two coats of stain I need to adhere the top to the cabinets. Since both pieces were raw wood I was able to use a wood glue. Admittedly, I think it could be sturdier, but it works for now and we really just use the top of the 'sideboard' for displaying things/storing a few kitchen items. 

Once we had the top stuck down, the next big step was painting the wall and bulkhead where the cabinets used to be. It really took us a while to get on that, but once we did, as you can imagine, the difference was huge!

Better, no? We weren't done here, though. I wanted to add some open shelves to the now empty space where the cabinets used to be. We bought some brackets from the hardware store and cut some leftover wood from the top of the sideboard to use for shelves. After giving the wood a coat of primer and then white paint (the same white from painting our cabinets) we were ready to install them. Lucky for us, we're pretty sure there is plywood beneath all our drywall because anywhere we have to anchor something to the wall, we hit a 'stud', or more likely the plywood. This makes things a lot easier because we don't need to use drywall anchors. Here are the open shelves all up on the walls...

The colouring is a little funky in this one... :S

I love the open shelves, they are the perfect spot for me to display some of my favourite dishes and jars. Next time, I'll show you a few other little updates I've done, like some new curtains I sewed. The kitchen is probably the most completed room in our house now and I'm quite happy with it!


  1. love the colour of your kitchen, everything looks great! Cat

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