Friday, January 11, 2013

Parker's Birthday

I can hardly believe it, but our little guy will be a year old on Sunday! We're celebrating his birthday with a little cat themed party. A little get together with friends and family to wish Parker a happy first birthday. One of the gifts we are giving him is a little home I made for the bunny I knit him for Christmas. I've made it out of a shoe box and some scrap paper and fabric. It is pretty cute and I had way too much fun making it. At this stage I don't think it will hold up to his play, so it may hang out on his shelves until he is old enough to enjoy it, but the bedding I made he can play with now if he likes.

 That's it! It was really fun to make and I think he'll enjoy it when he's a little older. I'm looking forward to giving it to him on his birthday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Christmas of Firsts

It was a wonderful Christmas full of firsts for us! Not only was it Parker's first Christmas, but it was also our first Christmas in our new home and in our new town, Nakusp. It was so nice to be able to celebrate in our little house, surrounded by snow. This was the first white Christmas I have had in several years and it just felt right! Patrick's parents spent Christmas with us and it was lovely to have family here to celebrate with. Christmas Eve was a relaxing day spent at a couple of open houses and taking it easy at home in between. Christmas day was even better. We took our time in the morning, had some skype time with my family, had a delicious breakfast, courtesy of my father-in-law, got the turkey ready and finally got to opening some presents. The afternoon was spent mostly playing with Parker and doing dinner prep and then in the evening we enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner. Here are some pictures of our holidays...

Parker opening his Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve.
Our little guy on Christmas Eve.
Ornaments made for my mother-in-law, Dee.

Christmas morning coffee.

The table setting... complete with our traditional lottery tickets from  my father-in-law.
A successful family photo in one try! Wow!

The cutest, chubbiest little smile!

And that about sums it up! New Year's was lovely as well, spent with friends and enjoying some delicious, homemade pizza. We unintentionally stayed up to welcome the new year as Parker was overtired and it was rather difficult to get him to sleep once we were home. Ah, well! And now it is time for me to get planning Parker's birthday party... he'll be a whole 1 year old in just over a week! Ack! How did that happen!? We're have a little cat themed birthday for him since he seems to love kitties SO much. Hope you're also enjoying the fresh feeling and simplicity that I tend to find in this time of year!
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