Friday, August 16, 2013

Gingham Curtains

When we first moved into our house and started to unpack, I came across one lonely Ikea tab top curtain. I had even pairs for all the rooms, but was missing the second curtain for my dining area. It took me a while to remember that some time ago my mom and I shared a pack of drapes because we each only needed one for a project (this was a few houses back). Now knowing that I didn't have the second curtain, I decided to cut the single one in half, to have at least the illusion of drapes in the dining room. They weren't wide enough to cover the whole window, but they looked nice.

My makeshift curtains remained until the spring when my awesome mother in law, Dee, bought me some gorgeous, grey gingham fabric to make new curtains. My sister was the first one to turn me on to liking gingham, but I was also inspired by the gingham curtains in this beautiful home. In fact, I pretty much love everything about her home, but all the gingham especially! 

We ordered the fabric from Etsy and I eagerly anticipated its arrival. When it did show up, I set to work and sewed myself a very simple pair of curtains. Here are those bad boys in action...

We can actually cover our windows now. Hooray for privacy! It's also nice to add a little pattern to our kitchen. 

Oh, little kitchen you've come a long way. Remember how it looked in the beginning?


Have you done any sewing projects lately?

P.S. We've got the guest room walls primed. Pictures soon!


  1. It all looks great! The current curtains are really stunning since they are able to regulate how much light would be allowed inside your house as well as giving you the privacy when needed. These two factors are what make a curtain effective. How long did it take you to sew them?

    Roxie Tenner @ Window Treatments Philadelphia


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