Friday, November 12, 2010

DIY Cross Stitch Art

One challenge I find is coming up with art for my walls. It can get pretty costly, so I am always looking for ways to make my own wall art. Recently, I came up with a fun way to create some free "cross stitch" art. I have seen a lot of cross stitch recently in various photos and I love the look.

So, using these pieces as inspiration, I decided to attempt my own version. Here is what I came up with...

This quote above hangs in my kitchen above my stove and the next one is over my couch in the living room.

It actually looks pretty cute and was super easy to make. First, I downloaded two free fonts. The first font is called 'Goodbye Crewel World' and can be found here. The second is 'Sjonarbok Classic' and you can download it here (if you need help downloading and installing the fonts just leave me a comment and I'll help you out). Next, I opened word processing and using the first font (Goodbye Crewel World), typed a quote I liked. To create the border around the quote I used the second font (Sjonarbok Classic). When in lowercase, the letters create a shape or pattern that can be repeated to create a border. For example, my border was made typing the letter 'c' over and over. 

Now that you have your quote, make sure that it is centered and aligned the way you like. If you have card stock or another type of nice paper print it out and you have your art. However, if all you have is plain white paper, you can try using this free 'Natural Linen- digital paper' from the Graphics Fairy. All you have to do is download the image and then print it full size. Next, simply print off your 'cross stitch' quote onto your 'natural linen' paper. This way, the page doesn't look quite as stark as the plain white.

Next, it is ready to be framed. If you are looking for a cheap way to frame it and you don't have a frame handy, check out a thrift store. Frames can always be updated with a quick coat of spray paint.  

And that is it! Quick and easy art for your walls! I think this would also look adorable in a kids room or a nursery.

Sometime, I'd like to do the actual cross stitching and create some fun designs, but this will do for now. I have too many projects that I need to complete before I can start something new. I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming and I am so excited. I'll be coming up with some Christmas decoration tutorials soon, so keep checking back.  

Now, I must try and finish some of those projects. First up is completing my husbands cable knit scarf. I only have a little more to do and I can't wait to cross it off the list! 



  2. Love it, James. I used to do a lot of cross stitching and crewel work. Very soothing for the soul. Love you!


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