Friday, November 19, 2010

Corners of our Cottage

On one of the blogs I enjoy reading, Homespun Living, the author will write posts she titles 'Corners of My Home'. I like her idea of showing just a 'corner' at a time, so I am going to do the same! Today, I am going to show you a corner of my living room which displays a new thrift store find.

On the coffee table sits my new basket that I found at the Salvation Army just the other day. I paid $2.50 for it and I love it. It is divided into 6 little squares, has two handles and is perfectly faded and worn.

Sitting next to the basket is a birch log with some tea lights. This was from our wedding. We had birch logs with tea lights on all the tables. They were made by my father-in-law, Neil! I love that the colour of the birch bark is the same grey as my new basket.

Here is the zoomed out view of this corner of my living room as it looks today. Next to the wooden chair in the second picture you can see my knitting basket waiting for me to finish several projects! Some of you may or may not know that I have an addiction to sewing cushion covers, so the ones on my couch are constantly changing. In fact, I've just sewn a cushion that is meant to be a subtle Christmas cushion, though it can be reversed to be not Christmas-y at all. It is the light beige cushion on the inside of the couch, but that is the non-Christmas side. This is the Christmas side...

I intend to leave it on the Christmas side as soon as I bring out the decorations... actually, I may just leave on the Christmas side now. It IS snowing afterall!

Well, that's it for this little corner of our cottage. Have you found any great pieces at a thrift store lately?


  1. i love it! you should come over and make my home look like yours..... THAT would be a challenge! lol

  2. So beautiful! I love the glass vases you've set in the basket. I found a pair of lamps at a thrift store last month that I absolutely love!

  3. Love the basket! I must look in the Sally Ann to see if I can find something cool.

  4. Looks awesome!!! Great find on the wicker basket. Steal of a deal.

    Erika Penner

  5. Thanks, Olivia! Haha! Anytime :) Elise, I've been looking for some good lamps at the thrift stores here, but so far I haven't had any luck!
    Mom, you totally need to go check out the Sally Ann! Take Dee with you!
    Erika, Thanks! I thought it was steal too, I think it is an old milk carrier.

  6. Everything is beautiful! Thanks for the kind mention,


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