Friday, January 11, 2013

Parker's Birthday

I can hardly believe it, but our little guy will be a year old on Sunday! We're celebrating his birthday with a little cat themed party. A little get together with friends and family to wish Parker a happy first birthday. One of the gifts we are giving him is a little home I made for the bunny I knit him for Christmas. I've made it out of a shoe box and some scrap paper and fabric. It is pretty cute and I had way too much fun making it. At this stage I don't think it will hold up to his play, so it may hang out on his shelves until he is old enough to enjoy it, but the bedding I made he can play with now if he likes.

 That's it! It was really fun to make and I think he'll enjoy it when he's a little older. I'm looking forward to giving it to him on his birthday!


  1. It's so cute. Love that you make his gifts. Have a fun birthday with your baby.


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