Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sewing Adventures: Cushion Covers

Last week I showed you the lovely fabric I ordered off of Etsy and just the other day I told you that I received the package in the mail! I was so excited when I saw the little brown box just waiting for me to open it! Isn't mail simply delightful? I almost prefer to make my purchases online because I also get the anticipation of waiting for its arrival! Anyway, here's a reminder of the fabric that I purchased...

And here's the fabric all sewn up into a couple of cushions...

I was on a bit of a roll in the sewing department, so I made a couple more cushions using a piece of fabric I had draped over the back of my couch. You can see it here...

The fabric was actually a small tablecloth that I purchased from a home decor shop. I love its colour and texture. While I liked the look of having it on the back of the couch, it was very annoying because it always fell down and got all wrinkled. I've been meaning to sew it into a cushion cover for some time now. So, that's what I did.

I also sewed a smaller, lumbar cushion out of the fabric, but the only picture I have of that one is this...

You can see the smaller cushion in the corner! I'm very happy with how they all look together and  to boot, I got four new cushions for very little money. Because I already had the inserts and the tablecloth, I only had to pay for the new fabric which cost me around $16 (including shipping). Not bad! Have you purchased anything from Etsy or another online shop lately? I hope you have just as much fun waiting for mail to arrive as I do! 

P.S. I sewed the buttons on the baby sweater that I knitted. So, as promised, here are a couple of pictures...

P.P.S. This post has been linked up to Good Life Wednesdays over at A Beach Cottage.


  1. I love your cushions, the colors of the rose fabric is so antique looking! I love the faded rose colors.

  2. LOVE the cushions! LOVE the baby sweater! LOVE your amazing talent! LOVE that you are so willing to share! Sigh!

  3. Sweet material, and I love the cushions you little creativebot you! See you guys soon!

  4. I really like your cushions...and the fabric that was over your sofa previously. I love your taste.

    And what a superb knitter you are!!! That little cardigan is beautiful. Go you!


  5. Love the fabric on your pillows!!
    You are so talented...that baby sweater is so adorable !!

  6. Your fabric choices are great! And the baby sweater is adorable too!

  7. Beautiful fabric and pillows... love the combination of the two! The sweater you made is just adorable.. love it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Hi Jaimie, I am a huge fan of florals, and yours are so soft and perfect for a vintage cottage. You're very talented too, the sweater turned out amazing! Stopping over from Sarah's, have a wonderful Wednesday, xoxo tami

  9. Wow, you're ultra talented! I love that fabric. I'm gonna have to look up that site. Yes, I spend a good amount of time on Etsy!

  10. Gorgeous fabric! I love the little blue flowers! So pretty.

  11. How lovely. Really like your blog. I am a follower. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  12. The pillows are beau-ti-ful! I had always wondered where you found that fabulous blanket on your couch, so good to know it's fabric! Looks amazing as a pillow too! You are just too talented!


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