Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Decoration

Well, I'm back! It has been so long since my last post. Not a lot has happened other than some trips to the pumpkin patch, some knitting and some cozy-ing up inside with hot drinks. This October has been excellent and I can't believe it is almost over. 

Anyway, while I love to decorate for fall, I don't normally decorate for Halloween. However, this year I wanted to have a small Halloween display. Since, I don't really have any Halloween decor, I found some DIY projects online and tried them out for myself. The first project was a cake stand, which I'll be able to use throughout the year, but for now it is supporting a cute white pumpkin. This project was incredibly easy, quick and cheap and I love the result. I found the instructions on another blog, but unfortunately, I can't remember which one. 

First step is to visit a second hand store and find a silver candle stick and a small silver plate. I found mine at the Salvation Army and paid about $2 for both. I don't love the design on the silver plate, but it was the only one, so I decided to go with it.

The next step is simply to glue the plate to the top of the candlestick. For this I used hot glue because it was all I had at the time, but I don't think it is the best choice. I would recommend using a type of super glue instead. Anyway, once you have glued the plate to the candle stick, you have yourself a cute cake stand.

So that was my first project in my Halloween display. The next couple of projects are ones that I have found on an amazing blog, with tons of free clip art... The Graphics Fairy. This blog is an awesome resource and I have used it so much since I stumbled across it. The first from the site is a fun 'BOO' banner. All you have to do is print off the banner provided and attach it to some string or ribbon. Click here to make the garland.

The second project was printing off the spooky owl being displayed in the lantern. I printed my owl onto beige card stock. Click here to print your own owl.

Those are the three little projects I took on for my small Halloween display. Here it is all together...

Have fun getting ready for Halloween! 

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