Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcoming Fall!

Today being the first day of fall, I thought it only appropriate that I share some fall inspirations. Fall is my favourite season and I pretty much love everything about it! I love the golden colours, the brisk air, scarves, warm blankets and sweaters. In the home, this means adding some cozy touches, such as some warmer tones and textures. This can easily be done be adding some comfy throw blankets and cushions.

I especially love all the knits in the first two rooms. They add such great texture and can't help but make your living room look comfortable. Here are some bedrooms that also seem ready for autumn. 

To add some extra seasonal touches around the house, next time you're going on a fall walk gather some pine cones, twigs or fallen leaves to put on display around you're home. 

Adding some warm touches to your home doesn't have to cost much! Use what you already have. If you have some extra throw blankets in storage bring them out. If you've got some baskets or wooden bowls put them on display. 

Happy first day of fall!


  1. Jaimie, this is wonderful! So many beautiful ideas!

  2. Thank you, Amy! These are just some pictures that inspire me to get cozy for fall.

  3. I love both those bedrooms. On my runs, I have been collecting branches that have blown of trees with fall-coloured leaves still attached and putting them in vases in my house.

  4. Nice, Kris! My favourite bedroom is the second one. I'd really like to find a blanket like the one on the bed. I'm going to collect some branches too, though maybe not today because it is pouring rain. I might do some sewing today.

  5. James, You are just so cute! How are you guys liking the island life?

  6. Hey Michelle! We are loving it so far! How's the new house coming along?


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