Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kitchen Revisited

So back in November we decided to repaint the kitchen. After living with the neutral colour on the walls for a few months, I decided that we needed a little more colour. It felt a little too bland and I wanted the cream cabinets to stand out more. Even though the colour of the cabinets and walls looked different enough on swatches, in the actual room I didn't find there was enough contrast. After explaining the situation to Patrick, he graciously agreed to help me paint the walls a new colour. We (and I really do mean 'we' because Patrick helped me pick) settled on a soft and lovely greenish blue that we picked up from our local hardware store.

It didn't take too long to complete because there isn't a ton of wall space, just a  lot of cutting in around the cabinets and windows. I did that job during Parker's naps and when Patrick got home from work he did a coat on the walls. It took us a couple of days and we were very happy with the results, especially me!

As a reminder, here was the kitchen in the very beginning in all it's yellow and wallpaper border glory...

Here was the kitchen after our first painting...

And finally, after the newest coat of paint ;)

Although we liked the red trim and neutral walls before, we like this look better. I think it makes the creamy cabinets look a little nicer and it adds a little more colour to our home. We have more plans for the kitchen that may start soon... as in this weekend. However, we'll have to see how things go. It involves taking down those upper cabinets to open up the space. We still need the storage though, so we would turn the cupboards into a sort of credenza for the dining area. We're figuring things out. I'll be sure to keep you posted!


  1. What a lovely color! Your kitchen looks so pretty! It has really come a long way!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! We really like it much better this colour! One day we'd like to change the flooring among other things. Little by little ;)

  2. wow, this looks amazing...great job!

    enjoy *~*

  3. So calming! Love how it's come from "Country Nightmare" to "Soft and Serene". I might need your expertise soon. I'm trying to pick out paint colours and am having a rough time working with the existing tile floor and tile countertops!

  4. Yay! I bet you're getting excited to move in to the new place! June right? It will be so nice to have all that extra space!


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