Monday, October 8, 2012


We have had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with Grandma and Gramps Cooper (my parents)! We walked around town, strolled through the last farmer's market of the season, did an easy hike to the source of the Nakusp hot springs, drank lots of tea and coffee, baked pies and of course, ate turkey. Here are some pictures from the weekend...

It has been lovely!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burlap Banners and Birds

I was actually able to get some crafting done yesterday and it felt wonderful! The trouble with trying to craft with my almost 9 month old, Parker, is that he immediately becomes 100 percent interested in whatever it is I am doing. Probably the only thing that can successfully distract him is our cat, Tonks. It is cute that he gets so curious, but also a little difficult when I want to complete something. Especially if I have to use scissors, or other tools that are not so good for the little guy to play with because, of course, he reaches for these things first. Anyway, yesterday I got about half way done a couple of projects in the afternoon and then finished them once we put the babe to bed. Hooray!

The first project was making some little birds to hang from our dining room light. I found the tutorial here. The project was quick and easy and I loved the results. Normally I would use the pages from an old Sherlock Holmes book that I have for crafts, but I can NEVER find it when I need it, so I pulled out some old magazines and used them instead. This means that instead of having type on both sides of the birds I have type on one side and pictures on the other. It's nice because it adds some colour!

The second project I made was a burlap banner for the dining room. I wanted to decorate a bit for Thanksgiving this weekend and I thought the burlap was nice for fall. It was a very simple project. First I cut out some little pennants and pressed them. Then, I strung them onto some cream coloured cotton yarn using a yarn needle. I hung one string in the dining room window and the second across the back of our cupboards.

I like the way the light looks through the burlap over the window. Our dining room looks a little more fun now and ready for some guests!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is Here!

Well, it is here! My favourite month of the year. October is the best for so many reasons, it's my birthday month, we celebrate Thanksgiving, you get to dress up for Halloween, it is the height of autumn, you can really start to get cozy and settle in for the coming winter, there are crunchy leaves everywhere, pumpkins and other funny gourds abound, the air becomes a little crisper and you can smell wood fires burning... need I continue?

We ended our September with a trip to Halcyon Hotsprings. Patrick had a gig playing for the Harvest Festival being held there and I decided to come along with Parker. There were various vendors displaying their goods, an apple pie contest (for which I was able to be a judge... mmmm) and a pig roast. We didn't end up eating any of the roast, but we did enjoy looking around and eating apple pie while Patrick played jazz standards with a bass player who came up from Nelson. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to enjoy some of the last warm weather outside surrounded by the changing leaves. I ended up buying a couple of bees wax candles (I can't resist the smell) and a bundle of sunflowers to enjoy for my birthday.

Aren't sunflowers wonderful? They are the perfect way to say 'farewell' to summer and 'welcome' to golden autumn. I am hoping they will last until the weekend when my parents arrive for Thanksgiving. I am really looking forward to the weekend. I have a lot of little things I would like to do before they arrive, however. Luckily they are all fun things, like getting the house ready to welcome them and planning out some decorations for Thanksgiving. I'd also like to find something new and Thanksgiving themed to draw on the chalkboard wall.

How will you be spending your Thanksgiving? 
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