Monday, November 19, 2012

Etsy Finds

My birthday was back in October and I received a few different etsy items as gifts. I love getting gifts from etsy. I can always find such unique things and I love that you get something handmade. The presents I got were all for our new house. I was given two new prints and a beautiful wreath made from dried broom corn.

The first print was from the etsy shop Yumalum. I thought the colours would look great in our new kitchen and the phrase is awesome. Ever since I was pregnant with Parker I became more of a tea drinker. Lately, I really enjoy orange pekoe! Here's the print up in our kitchen/dining room...

The second print is by an artist that my sister found some time ago and we've been admiring her work ever since. I was so happy to get one of her prints. The artist's name is Janet Hill and you can visit her shop here. I have my print hanging in our living room next to our computer desk.

I hung the new the wreath in the living room as well, near our front door. I think it is beautiful and I love its subtle colour. You can visit the shop here.

I have it hanging over our antique baker's stand. I'll have to make sure I get a shot of both! They look great together. 

Here are some other things I've been admiring on etsy as of late...

Both prints found here.

Found here.

Print from here.

From here.

I could keep going because each time I look at something cool it leads me to find something else awesome! 

Do you like to shop on etsy? Have you found any beautiful hand crafted things lately? Next weekend is the craft fair here in town and I'm excited to check out the vendors!


  1. The wreath was a beautiful. Art is always a great gift to give because you know someone worked hard and expressed themselves through it.


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