Monday, November 26, 2012

A Most Festive Weekend

We had a lovely and festive weekend! The only way it could have improved was with snow. However, if it had snowed, I think I would have spontaneously combusted with joy. The weekend started with Patrick's parents, Grandma and Grandpa MacGibbon, arriving on Friday for Patrick's 29th birthday. We had a tasty dinner and I baked him a chocolate cake with custard filling and chocolate icing. I never bake cakes, but I really enjoyed the process and I must say it tasted pretty delicious. It was a recipe from my sister.

Saturday started off nice and mellow with some hanging around the house and working on a few projects here and there. In the afternoon we walked downtown to enjoy our little town's Festival of Light. We watched the parade and then enjoyed some more festivities in the park. My favourite part was taking Parker on a horse-drawn wagon ride. I think the whole thing was a little overwhelming for him!

After the Festival of Light, we walked over to our friends' house for some mulled wine and Christmas cookies. It was such a lovely time and a nice start to the holidays!

Sunday was spent around the house again. Patrick and his Dad put up our Christmas lights, and Dee (Patrick's mom) and I sewed little felt star ornaments. They were Dee's idea and they are so cute. I'm very happy to have them to decorate with this Christmas. We'll be making some more, but we just got six done yesterday.

I am so happy we have lights up this year!
Parker was happy to play around with everyone and he's been working really hard on walking. He's getting pretty close. Every so often he'll take a few steps without holding on to anything. It's very exciting, but hard to imagine him just walking everywhere on his own!

Playing peek-a-boo under the couch!
Grandma and Grandpa MacGibbon left this morning and that concluded our weekend. Now the new week begins and I will be very busy with play practices for our community theatre production. I don't have a big role, but it is the last week before the performances so we'll be practicing a lot! Let's hope I remember my lines!


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