Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few Things

It's that time of year now where I really get into working on little handmade projects. I get way too excited about cozy-ing up inside with some tea and settling down to do some knitting. It is definitely harder to find the time to do these things with such a busy little 10 month old (is he really that old already!?), but I've managed to complete a few fun and easy projects lately! Not surprisingly, most of my projects have been made for Parker.

First, a while back I sewed Parker some cute, legging type pants out of one of my husband, Patrick's old t-shirts. I loved the stripes and could just imagine them on Parker's chubby legs! To make the pattern I just traced a pair of Parker's pants and made them extra long so that they could fit him for a while. When it came to the bum, I had to make it extra big to make room for the cloth diapers that Parker wears some of the time. My sister helped me figure out to add a semi-circle of extra fabric in the back. For this piece I made the stripes vertical and I love how they look!

The next project I completed was a toque for the little guy. He has outgrown all of the hats I knit for him before he was born and so he needed a new one and I was happy to have a new knitting project. I have been interested in knitting projects that involve colour work and so I found a pattern for a fair isle hat. The pattern is called Simply Fair Isle and you can see it on my Ravelry page. I love how it turned out and I really enjoyed knitting it. However, I think I will add some strings to the ear flaps to keep it on his head. Parker likes to practices taking it off!

Here he is modeling both the toque and the pants...

This last project is still in the works, but I'm working on knitting a bunny for Parker for Christmas. I've actually finished the bunny itself, but now I'm knitting the bunny some clothes- a hoodie, a vest and a jacket to be exact. The pattern for this one is called Well-Dressed Bunny and you can also see it on my Ravelry.

Pretty cute, huh? I can't wait to wrap it up for Parker's first Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, we had our first snowfall here yesterday and it made us feel very festive. We may have even had a few Christmas tunes playing in the background. I took Parker out into the snow and he wasn't really into it. However, he was a little cranky even before we went outside, so I'll have to try again when we have more snow and he's in a better mood.

Are you working on any projects for Christmas? What is your favourite thing to do at this time of the year? Do tell!


  1. Love the new design of your page and your banner, J!

  2. Great job on your sewing and knitting projects.

    1. Thank you Grace! I'm enjoying making things for Parker!

  3. I am in love with Parker. I love all that cute chubbiness. I'd love to smooch those cheeks. I'm not weird, I just love babies.
    The things you have ade him are adorable. Love that bunny. I hope you show us the clothes you are making.
    I am making swap gifts right now. I was a lucky person and found a large amount of money that was never claimed. So I got to do most of my Christmas shopping which is a first so early in years. Our budget gets tighter and tighter and this was a God send.
    But I ordered a book on making toys from socks and mittens and want to make these for my grandchildren. My first dog came out pretty good, room to grow. Author of the book is from Japan and the directions were scimpy.
    Have a fun time making things. Please share with us.

    1. Hi Debby!! Thanks! He really he is so kissable!I'm sure your grandchildren will love the sock toys. They sound wonderful! I'll be sure to post when I finish the clothes for the bunny.


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