Saturday, August 18, 2012

Red Trim

Well, we're continuing the work on our new home and things are coming along- slowly, but surely. Our big project right now is the kitchen. We've been painting the cabinets and the walls and later today we'll be working on a light fixture. The colour scheme throughout the main floor of the house is inspired by this photo...
(Found here)
So in the kitchen the walls are being painted a soft, warm grey called 'Gull' by Martha Stewart, the cabinets are being painted a cream called 'Creamy White' by Behr and I have a red called 'Maine Lobster' also by Martha that I would like to incorporate into the room in some way.

(from L-R: Creamy White, Maine Lobster, Gull)
In the kitchen there is a built-in shelf that is currently wood stained in an orange-ish tone that is not so pretty. It isn't too bad and I may leave it as is, but I'm also considering painting the built-in the red colour. I've also seen this picture on Pinterest (which I think may have originally come from here) and I really liked the idea!

Isn't that a fun pop of colour? Anyway, we decided to try out painting the trim around our kitchen window, so we will see if we like it or not. One coat is being done as we speak and I'm not sure yet. It definitely stands out! I think we will wait until everything is done and put back into place before we make any decisions. I was pretty nervous before we did it, but then I reminded myself that you have to take risks and it isn't permanent. If we really don't like it, we can always change it back!

Anyway, I have to get back to doing a second coat on the kitchen walls. I can't wait to show you some semi-finished rooms! What are your thoughts on the red trim and the built-in shelf?


  1. I like a POP! of color in rooms...I love contrasting!

    1. I agree! I haven't always been good at adding the POP! of colour, but that is what I am trying with our new home!

  2. I love the red in both of your inspiration photos. I think the jolt of the nice friendly red colour makes the room sing.

    1. Thanks for the input Grace! I feel the same way!


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