Monday, August 13, 2012


There have been some major changes in our little household since I last posted here! Though, I suppose that would be expected seeing as how my last update was nearly a century ago. I don't even know where to begin... well I do. How could I not begin with this little guy...


Our sweet Parker is now 7 months old and I find myself asking how that much time could have possibly passed since his birth! He's such a funny boy and he's doing so many new things.We are head over heels in love with our little man!

Next up on my list of updates would be our housing situation. We have moved. Again. However, this time it is more permanent. In the spring we found out that my husband would not be returning to his teaching job in Comox. Immediately we started looking for jobs around BC and even Alberta. Because he teaches music, there aren't necessarily as many job opportunities. After applying to a few options, Patrick was offered a job in a small town in the interior of BC called Nakusp and he accepted. Naturally, we were sad to be leaving the beautiful  Island, especially since we have so many good friends there now, but we were also excited to start a new adventure and Naksup is equally beautiful! We are surrounded by mountains and there is a lovely lake and I'm really looking forward to the weather here. We get real seasons... Yay!! I am so excited for snow!!!

What is even more exciting is that we were able to buy a house! We moved in just three days ago on the 10th and we are in the midst of unpacking. Whew! I tell ya, I am so happy we had help with our move. Moving with a baby is not the easiest thing ever. I don't know what we would have done if we had been on our own. Thankfully, the worst is over with and now we get to enjoy setting up our first house! There is a lot of work that we would like to do, so hopefully I will have a lot of projects to blog about... if I can get my act together! Our initial plans for our home are all painting. The bigger changes will come later once we can save up for them. Anyway, let me show you our new house...

I should be back within a few days to show you a little before tour of our home and before long we'll be getting some painting done. I can't wait to see the difference the paint will make!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer! As you can imagine, ours has been a little crazy, but good. We're going to head to the beach for a swim this evening to try and soak in the last few weeks of summer holidays before Patrick heads back to school. We haven't been in the lake here yet, so we'll see how cold it is! We probably should keep unpacking, but we can't resist!


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