Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kelowna Finds Part II

Good Morning, Lovelies! It is the prettiest morning here in Comox. I woke up to a delicate sliver of sunlight coming in through our bedroom window. It was so lovely and golden! There's sun! If I sound a little over-enthusiastic about the sun its because we are on the coast and the sun tends to be somewhat of a rarity at this time of year. Therefore, I am drinking in every minute of sunshiney goodness! It's delicious!

If you haven't been to visit my sister Kris' blog yet, do stop by! She and her husband just bought their first house up in northern British Columbia and they are already making some amazing improvements. They've just painted the living room a gorgeous blue-green colour and they've been putting up bead board wallpaper (like what I used here, on the back of my shelving). I wish I could be there to help and to see the transformation! It's so exciting!

Anywho, onto my Kelowna finds! This next item could be one of my favourite finds of the trip. After making stops at all our favourite thrift store haunts, Dee (my Mother in Law) and I made one last stop. I wasn't expecting to find much on this visit, though I was keeping my eye out for a nice frame I could makeover (more on that later). However, while we were browsing, my eye spied something wire-y, industrial and lovely. An old wire locker basket complete with a number! I snatched that thing up and would have hugged it if I wasn't concerned that it would cover me in cobwebs and snag my clothes! Not the most cuddly of items. I didn't even hesitate to take this one home. At $2 it was a steal, especially considering that these can be upwards of $40 if bought in an antique store. I was beyond excited!

I added a couple of cute tags to the basket just for fun!

The items in the wire basket were also brought back from Kelowna! I found a couple of terracotta pots and a lovely little honey jar that I have filled with some dried lavender for now. The ball of twine I got from my parents' garage- with their permission of course! :) Here's the honey jar...

Dee found this one for me. She knows my style! You can kind of see a bee hive and then below it says '1 Pound Pure Honey'.

In the first picture you can see a little, glass bell jar with a wooden stand next to the basket. I also found two of those at the Salvation Army. Right now, one is residing on my living room window sill with one of my terracotta pots. I am planning to start a couple of melon seeds in it.

You may have also seen a chalkboard in some of the first pictures, but I will talk about it in my next post!

By the way, thanks for the wire suggestions in the last post! Cords are so annoying, aren't they!?

Until next time,


  1. I love your finds. Isn't that so much fun! I love the last picture - beautiful photography!!

  2. Jaimie, I love everything you found, but that wire basket is the bomb! And what a fantastic price. I scored some for $1 each the other day, but they aren't as nice as yours, finer wire and slanting sides. One is metallic and the others painted. The sides on yours are much better.

    By the way, did Kris tell you, your parents are coming over to help paint my house ;-) - I chose to ignore the part where they said if I pay the airfare........

    Her house is looking good.


  3. Thanks guys!

    Haha! And Yes, Lisa, I heard! They helped us paint our house too! They are fantastic workers! They'll get a lot done! ;)

  4. Love your Kelowna finds! We were in the Comox area a few years ago..I love visiting the island is definately on my to do list again soon :) Have a great day, I am off for a walk,,,,still some snow here in AB though :(

  5. Your basket is to die for! As you can tell, I just love it! Thanks for giving us a sneak peak at the calendar. I'll be anxious to see it again in your next post!


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