Monday, April 4, 2011

Kelowna Finds Part I

I woke up this morning to a lovely robin singing his heart out on our fence post. It was much nicer than the shrill alarm that went off seconds later! I wish birdsong could be my alarm every morning. How delightful that would be!  Though, perhaps I would then begin to resent the birds for waking me. For now, I'll just be happy with the occasional wake-up call.

Today I thought I would show you one of the fantastic finds from our Kelowna trip. As I mentioned in the last post, I went thrift shopping with my Mother in law (it's sort of a tradition for us) and we were very successful! We found so many great things! On one trip to the Salvation Army we found an old carpenter's toolbox. It's a big wooden box, with chippy paint and old hardware. I knew I had to take it home. Actually, someone almost took it while it was waiting near the till for me. It was a close call! I wasn't sure where this ol' thing would go, but I knew that a piece like this would find a home in our cottage without much trouble!

Once I got the toolbox home, I found a spot for it at the end of our bed where it holds some pillows, or whatever else may land on it. I've been looking for a bench or trunk that would go here, but I like how this worked out. Oh, and here is the rest of our bedroom while we're at it. It's kind of a work in progress!

I'm thinking of painting some numbers on the front. Kind of like this... what do you think?

Our antique dresser is one of my favourite pieces of furniture! It was given to us by some family friends. So generous!

I've still got to do something about those wires. Any ideas?

Just for fun, I'll show you the before shot of our bedroom...

And after again, to leave you on a good note...

So that is part one of my Kelowna finds plus a mini tour of our bedroom. I'm excited to show you what else we found! Have a good Monday!


  1. Your box is a great thrift store find! I must say, I am loving the blue bedroom wall paint. Perhaps there is something you could cover the cords with that can be painted the same pretty color as the walls.

  2. Really liking the softness of your bedroom. Congrats on finding that box, what a great piece. I hate wires, I think everything should be wireless.


  3. I like your trunk! I'd paint numbers for sure but in white! Not sure about what to do with those wires, I'll think about it...

  4. it really is amazing what a coat of paint and some soft curtains can do to a room!! if only everything in life was that easy to spruce up!

  5. HI Jaimie!
    How was Kelowna? I am dying to go there. My husband's good friend lives there and we are hoping to make a trip this summer.
    I love this old tool box you's great!!

  6. What a cool box! And your room is beautiful! As it so happens, Layla at the Lettered Cottage posted something about hiding similar lamp wires today:
    Everything looks awesome!

  7. Not sure if this would work or not, but what if you try working WITH the cords? I wonder if it would be possible to twist white floral wire around them so you can twist them in cute little loop-di-loo and swirly patterns that can actually act like art on the wall... not sure, but could be worth a try... success would likely depend on how long the cords are, and if you can find a discreet way to affix them to the wall (the floral wire could also be twisted around tiny nails, or something.) Just an idea...


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