Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! I hope you all have been having a wonderful long weekend! Today we're going to our friends' place for brunch and I'm seriously looking forward to it. Have I ever told you how much I love big breakfasts? Well I really, really love them! Put this in front of me:

And this is my reaction:

This is my 'Home Alone' face that you may remember from this post.

Anyway, enough talk about food. I'm starting to drool. I actually started to write this post because I wanted to share with you a cute and quick recipe card holder (and we're back to the food). This actually goes back to when we were visiting family in Kelowna. My mom and I were looking through a cottage style magazine and we spotted a cute recipe card holder made from a fork. The next day I was telling my MIL about the idea and she started digging through some old things and pulled out my husband, Patrick's baby fork. It was the perfect size and to hold the fork she gave me a tiny little jar. They look so cute together.

All you need for this project is a fork, preferably an old silver fork, or something a little bit decorative and an old jar. I'm sure this has been done a lot and it isn't the first time you've seen this, but I really love how it looks and it is very useful! Plus, you could also use it to display pretty photos, like I'm doing in the picture above.

Anyway, time to get myself ready for that brunch. I don't want to be late! Happy Easter, everyone!

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