Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chalkboard Calendar

It's high time I got around to telling you about the chalkboard that you may have noticed in this post about a week ago.

It all started on our trip to Kelowna. One of my best friends sells Stampin' Up supplies and I was at one of her card making workshops. If you haven't heard of Stampin' Up before, you can visit the website here. After having a lovely time making some fantastic cards, I was looking through the catalog and I came across some chalk decals. I spotted a decal for a calendar that I thought would be particularly useful. We have been needing a calendar and this one would look so cute! Well, it just so happened that my friends mother-in-law had the calendar decal and wasn't using it so she gave it to me!

Now that I had the decal, I just needed a chalkboard. So happily, the next day I hit a few thrift shops with Dee (my mother-in-law) and found a frame that I could transform into a chalkboard. After I made my chalkboard, I applied the calendar decal and voila...

Here's the calendar in our cottage above the computer desk.

If you would like a calendar decal or any other Stampin' Up products you can order them through my friend Tamara's website. I've also got some little chalkboard jar labels on the way and I can't wait to get them!

I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! We're finishing ours off with a campfire at the beach with some friends. I can't wait to have a roasted marshmallow! Mmmm!


  1. That's a great idea for a calendar Jaimie. Love your wire basket too.

  2. The calendar really does look great - too cute!

  3. The calendar is just adorable ~ looks wonderful ;-)

  4. Thanks for sharing the calendar. I must say, it really caught my eye in your previous post. Did you add the lovely frame yourself or is that part of the decal too?

  5. Thanks!! The frame I just drew on with chalk! I thought it need a little something extra!

  6. Hi Jaime - ive just found your blog - its lovely! I cant wait to check out more of it. Annie xo

  7. Your other decals are in! I think your momma's going to mail them to you soon :) Can't wait to see what you do with those!

  8. Where can I find the decal on Tamara's site? When I search decal nothing comes up. Thanks!


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