Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bread Bakin', Butter Makin'

Yesterday was a bread bakin', butter makin' kind of day. And I loved it! It's been a while since I have baked bread, but I was inspired after reading the 'Small Measures' post over at Design Sponge. Ashley shared her recipe on how to make butter. I wanted to try it and what better way to try out your homemade butter than on fresh homemade bread! I used a Honey Whole Wheat recipe from my Martha Stewart Baking Handbook.

It was a delicious day!


  1. Your photos are fantastic Jaimie!!
    I love homemade bread. I made a loaf last weekend but I've yet to make my own butter.

    Happy Weekend to you!

  2. Ohhh the bread looks soo yummy ~ I haven't made bread for a week or two ~ hmmmmm I feel a loaf coming on ;-)

  3. mmmm..peanut butter and jam kinda bread!! I am not a homemade bread maker, but sure do like the smell and taste of it! Delicious post!

  4. Love the photo's, and love baking day.


  5. What beautiful bread. I love to bake, but I have never made bread before! Perhaps I will have to give it a try!


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