Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Walks

Well, the weekend is over and I'm back to work today. I had a lovely weekend though, and that always makes going to back to work a little easier. Yesterday, Patrick and I went to a park here called Seal Bay and took the trail down to the beach. It was so beautiful! We've only lived here for 6 months, so there are still many areas we haven't explored and this was our first time to Seal Bay. Sometimes, I'm totally blown away by how gorgeous it is here and as silly as it sounds, sometimes I forget that we're on an island and are surrounded by ocean!

You can see the Coast Mountains in the distance. On a clear day, they are stunning!

We enjoyed our little exploration together. At the end of last week I took some more pictures on one of our walks so I thought I'd share them. It was a clear morning and this is an area very near to our cottage.

The first signs of spring. Ironically, later this day we had a snowfall!

This is the Filberg Lodge- a heritage home in the park.

At the shore...

See what I mean? It really is beautiful here and I feel very lucky! Anyway, I have to go and get ready for work and I have to clean something out of my fridge because it is smelling rather stinky. I hope you had a wonderful weekend also! I'll be back a little later with some of my recent finds!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Where are you at? it looks so lovely! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Stunning photographs Jaimie. Especially love the shore pictures. But the wintry greys look beautiful. I want to go and get a scarf now.

    Lisa x


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