Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs

I very much wish that could actually sell farm fresh eggs, but since I can't, I made myself a sign to pretend that I could! On a side note, while I can't sell eggs, I did recently make a connection with someone who will be selling me their farm fresh eggs when their chickens start laying. I can't wait! Anyway, here is the sign that I recently painted and 'aged'.

To start this project I made a trip to the local lumber shop and picked out some suitable plywood from their scrap bin. Once I got home, I pulled out some of my leftover paints and painted the whole piece cream. Once the paint was dry I penciled on my lettering. I chose to first print out my letters in a font I liked from the computer. This way I could use the letters as a guide for the size and shape. After I drew the letters, I started to paint them in.

When I finished painting my letters and everything was dry I sanded the whole sign to make it look aged. And that was it, I had my Farm Fresh Eggs sign!

Have you taken on any projects recently? I mentioned before that I recently took on a larger project on my home and I'll be sharing that change soon! 

P.S.You may notice that my blog has changed in appearance! I'm just having some fun playing around with different designs and banners, so it may still change. 

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  1. Toots that is so awesome! Love the sign. We get farm fresh eggs at work, sometimes they are huge huge eggs that barely fit in the carton, and have two yolks. One week a bear got into the coop and that week there were very few eggs laid, and the ones that were laid were tiny. Interesting what stress can do to a chicken! Hope you are well.
    Love Lou Toots

  2. I used to get farm fresh eggs from my friend at work but she has sold her farm so I am back to buying them at the supermarket. Sad! I love the sign and I look forward to seeing where you are going to hang it. Outside, maybe? Dee

  3. I love your sign!! So happy I stopped by your blog looks great ~ looking forward to catching up a bit!!

  4. Lou Toots- That's awesome that you guys get farm fresh eggs and really interesting to see the difference in them from week to week. I'm excited for when we can get our eggs!

    Deedle- I've got it in the dining room right now, but I might use it on our deck this summer because I want to create a really nice outdoor space there!

    @A Cottage Muse- Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have just read through your archives and am blown away by what you have achieved in your cottage. Will be back again.

  6. I love vintage inspired signs. Great job on yours! Very inspiring! xo Samantha

  7. Hi Jamie!
    Just visiting your blog for the first time. I popped over from the linky at Beach Cottage.
    I've got some sayings traveling around in my head too and I love the idea of picking through the lumber bin for scrap wood. Perfect!
    I'm you newest follower... Pop over and see me sometime!

  8. This is my first stop at your blog and it's great. Your tutorials are really nice. The Fresh Egg Sign is wonderful. Do you happen to remember what size font you used? I just might have to make one of these!

  9. Hi Annette! Thank you! I used a very large size of font... perhaps around 300, but it will depend on the font you choose! Have fun1 :)

  10. Jaimie, I'm realizing I can't get that big a font in my word processing program. Not sure what to use to achieve that!

  11. Jaimie, I just figured it out!

  12. Oh good! I'm glad! You'll have to send some pictures when you're all done!


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