Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cushion Giveaway!

I've been doing some thinking and I'd really like the Christmas Stripes cushion I made recently to be enjoyed by someone this Christmas!  You know those Christmas specials where there's a toy that doesn't have a home for Christmas and you feel so unbelievably sorry for it? Like in the old Rudolph movie where there is the land of misfit toys. It's the same kind of thing here, except that I'm attaching emotions to a cushion that has no home for Christmas. Therefore, to remedy my sadness for this poor cushion, I've decided to give it away on my blog!

I made this cushion using one I saw in Sarah Richardson's country home as inspiration. You can read more about that here. The cover is made from a natural cotton and the stripes are different ribbons sewn to the front. The bottom is closed with a zipper. This giveaway includes only the cushion cover and it will fit a 16x24" insert. 

If you would like to enter into this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post (be sure to leave your name) telling me what your favourite Christmas decoration is. The contest will be open until Sunday at 10pm and then I will randomly pick a winner to be announced on Monday! I will ship the package out right away so that the cushion can add some holiday cheer to the winner's home before Christmas arrives. 

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to comment to enter the giveaway!


  1. My favorite Christmas decoration is this really ugly fabric reindeer that my mom made when I was little. She made it out of an old wool sock and sewed it to a piece of cardboard, wrapped in fabric. It is super tacky. When she tried to throw it out 2 years ago I told her I wanted it as a memory for our kids. Now it hangs about our fireplace every year. Looks terrible, but I love it, just because of the memories it brings back.

    Erika Penner

  2. Erika's comment reminds me of my favorite! It's a manger scene with this horrible plastic figurines and a stable that my grandpa built. It has a tinfoil star with tinsel. My mom refuses to put it up because she thinks it's hideous, but we sneak it up every time. I just love your blog Jay-Z! You are so creative! Allison

  3. James, you are adorable. I love this pillow cover. My current favourite decoration is a dismembered snowman head, made out of fleece. It's wearing a toque and scarf and is seriously hideous, but Jonny and I like to hide it on each other. Like last night, I went to pay for the movie I was renting, and there, on top of my wallet, was the snowman head staring up at me! I had to choke back my laughter. This morning I hid him in Jonny's blazer pocket in the closet.

  4. So adorable :) since everybody mentioned their favorite decoration, I'm totally mentioning mine. I have about 25 of them now :) Every year my grandma buys me a new ornament for the christmas tree, with some kind of meaning/relation to the year. I love it, and I think its such an awesome tradition to have :)

  5. Hi Jaimie, My favourite Christmas decoration is the fabric advent calendar that I made for Patrick when he was little. I remember the fun of putting a special candy or chocolate in each little pouch with the fabric ornament for that day. Love Momma Dee

  6. Hey Jamie!
    Alltime favorite Christmas decoration is real candles on the Christmas tree...I don't do it every year, especially not with Paige, but it the best to light the candles for the first time on Christmas Eve and watch the natural glow: A German tradition passed on from my mom's side of the family.
    Christina Kelly

  7. Hey James,

    You are doing some beautiful sewing. I wish you were closer so I could sign up for lessons!
    My favourite Christmas decoration is a pair of fairly ugly and very tacky ceramic angels that kiss each other. When I was very small I actually thought that they were SO beautiful (don't worry, my taste has improved) and I had to get in on their action. So each day before Christmas I was allowed to give them each one kiss while mom held them. But only ONCE a day. I still have them and despite their less than appealing aesthetic, I always smile when I look at them because I can remember loving to kiss and admire them.

    Happy Christmas,

    Sara Westnedge

  8. Hmmm...I think my favorite Christmas decoration belonged to my mom and it has long since been retired to a better place...
    It was Rudolph TRNR plastic ornament covered in that soft fuzzy felt. It had been loved so much that the felt was rubbing off of him. He would sit on the windowsill gazing out the window at our perpetually green Christmas. It made me think he wanted it to snow just as much as I did.
    Your cushion is beautiful (and you are too!) We'll miss you guys a lot this Christmas!

  9. Hi Jamie

    By far and away, my favorite xmas decoration is a my blown glass ornament that sports my fave carebear from way back when. It was made for me by my oldest friends back in 1981 and I still have it. My favorite part about it is, it has my name painted in GOLD and I thought that was the fanciest thing that could ever happen to me when I was little. That family is stillll my closest friends and Jeanine and I are celebrating 30 years of friendship this year.

    Ps LOVE the pillow!!!!


  10. For some reason, Jaimie, my favourite ornament for a long time now has been a giant jingle bell with fir boughs, teeny pine cones and red ribbon on it. There is no real story behind it, but I think I like it's shape and the way it jingles whenever anyone bumps the tree.
    Great pillow, by the way!

  11. Daniel "Rules" Kang

    My favorite Christmas Ornament is the "women's leg Lamp" my dad got and opened on Christmas. The leg infuriated my mother, and ended up breaking later that night.

    True story... I hear they made a movie about my Christmas experiences as a child.

  12. I just noticed this post on Kris's facebook page and it is 10:03pm on Sunday. I hope I can still qualify!!! Favorite decorations are the homemade stockings that I made and all of the homemade Christmas tree ornaments that the children and myself have been making over the past 6 years. My children are 6 and 9. Last year I thought that I had lost our collection of homemade ornaments - so bought a few. But just today as I was pulling out the tree - I found the box with all of them ... happy happy me!! Lovely pillow by the way. You are obviously creative like your sister.


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